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United Baptist Church 

Discovering True Purpose 

Together in Jesus

Making a Difference Every Day!!!

We believe that everyone can make a difference every day. As a result, we provide avenues to grow through prayer, Bible reading, and Ministry for everyone. Join us for Bible Study online, opportunities to join together in prayer, or to find the latest resources we are sharing right here and make sure to download your copy of You Can Make a Kingdom Difference.

Sunday Morning Bible Study with Pastor Dean Live at 9:45 AM

A Guide to Growing in Jesus

A Guide to Disciple Making

2021 Bible Reading Plan

Daily Prayer Guide

Monday Prayer: For president Mike Chitwood as he leads the International Mission Board

Tuesday Prayer: For the trustees of the IMB as they serve our national convention and our churches

Wednesday Prayer: For the opening of closed countries to the Gospel and the reception of the Gospel where it is shared

Thursday Prayer: For God’s peace and comfort for our missionaries away from home

Friday Prayer: For God to raise up missionaries from our churches to carry the Gospel to the world

Saturday Prayer: For the Ganti Chores people of Karnataka, India

Sunday Prayer: For the Saudi Arabs of Saudi Arabia

You Can Make a Kingdom Difference by Marshall Dean Whitaker

In this book, Pastor Dean helps each reader discover that they have a place in the work of God through what Jesus Christ has done. Every person no matter their age or their abilities have many ways that they can make an eternal difference within the Kingdom of God that God has purposed for them. 

Missions Moment

The small group of men boards a single-engine Cessna. After a two-hour flight, the men land on a small airstrip deep in the Amazon rainforest. From there, they board a boat and settle in for the ride. Their destination, an isolated village of the Akawa tribe, is still more than seven hours away.

“Like many tribal people groups, the Akawa are animists who live in fear of the spirits that inhabit the world around them,” says Joe Brewster, and International Mission Board missionary. He and his team of IMB missionaries and local church planters began working with the small, unreached tribe in 2018.

“As animists, they tend to be pragmatic and go with what works as opposed to what may be right or wrong,” Joe Brewster says. “They live far up an Amazonian tributary, just a step removed from the Stone Age.”

Joe’s team has a heart to reach them – and partners who share that passion. Edwin Blanco, a church planter who lives in the Amazon basin, is an integral part of that effort. As the administrator of an indigenous missions organization, he has a burden to reach the Akawa and other isolated tribes with the good news of Jesus. He and Joe are partnering for that purpose.

“Fulfilling the Great Commission is difficult work, much like carrying a heavy log out of the jungle. One man may be able to do it, but if we work together and help each other, the work is much easier!” says Edwin.

Pray for Joe, Edwin, and their teams as they share the Gospel with the Akawa, and that many of the Akawa will come to faith in Jesus. And pray that new Akawa believers will gather into groups and start churches.